Physicians Discover New Weight Loss Method Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Through the application of a recent discovery in the field of ‘energy therapy’ overweight individuals can use a simple acupressure “tapping” method — applied ‘on the spot’ – which appears to stop emotionally based overeating quickly and painlessly, without the use of any medications.

This exciting and unique approach to losing weight has been developed by three recognized leaders in the field of Energy Psychology, Dr. Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington and Dr. Sandra Radomski.

It makes use of the single most powerful tool for sticking to a weight loss program yet devised — a “psychological acupressure” technique known as “EFT” (short for Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Doctors Look, Carrington and Radomski realized that when addressing the problem of emotionally based overeating habits, previous methods have failed consistently. Unless and until people change their eating habits, they will continue to fail at any diet they try. The application of EFT techniques to emotionally based overeating habits provides the basis for this latest breakthrough.

Just what is EFT?

It is a new and honored branch of Energy Psychology.

EFT has been shown to be clinically effective in thousands of cases for stress, trauma, anxiety, pain — and numerous other health related conditions.

EFT has gotten a lot of press lately – it has been demonstrated on TV’s Discovery Channel, discussed on CNN, and recently published as a cover story in Women’s World magazine.

How Does EFT Work?

Anyone can now learn how to change their eating habits in a short time – by using EFT. Either with an experienced practitioner, or even self applied, EFT users can make great strides towards their goal.

EFT actively re-programs the mind and nervous system to adopt an entirely different attitude toward food. ‘Re-programming’ of the mind is necessary for successful weight loss because a negative emotion, or a series of negative emotions, acts like a blockage to the flow of life force along the energy meridians or pathways within the human body. This is where the concept of emotionally based overeating comes into play. EFT acts to clear these emotional blockages, allowing individuals to regain their emotional balance and return to more healthy eating and weight patterns.

When patients tap on certain acupressure points and speak selected key phrases, this apparently dissolves the blocking emotion. It’s not unlike pressing the “Delete” key on a computer.

Now it appears that with EFT it is becomes possible to “reboot” and self-install the positive emotions and beliefs that people really want and deserve – and these will be ideas and phrases that naturally support weight loss, as well as a more balanced emotional state.

It is widely accepted that individuals cannot lose weight without changing their habits, and until that is done, people continue to fail at any diet they may try. But what the research and findings show is that:

When EFT users install new positive attitudes and beliefs, this permanently changes eating habits. No more self-sabotage or wild cravings… individuals are able to progress smoothly toward their weight loss goal.

And EFT is credited for doing even more…While using EFT for weight loss, proponents are actually able to change their self-image from negative to positive.

Interestingly, weight loss often occurs without conscious effort when using this simple process. By addressing the emotional causes of overeating, weight loss seems to occur as a ‘side-effect’ of addressing the underlying cause of the unhealthy behavior.

Does EFT Help Everyone With Weight Loss?

No, because weight loss is a complex matter. The Key to Weight Loss is specifically designed for those who experience a compulsion to eat because of negative emotions — whether recognized or unrecognized.

Those with metabolic, endocrine, allergic, or other physiological conditions that can interfere with weight loss should seek solutions in these areas first.

Those with severe eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia may benefit from the EFT program. In these cases it is best applied under the guidance of a health professional trained in EFT.

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